Frequently Answered Questions

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Where do I sign up for the free permaculture course(s)?

Right here.

Where do I send my homework? Do I email it somewhere?

Please do NOT email your homework to us, as we do not have the capacity to offer 1:1 support like that. However, you are welcome and encouraged to post your homework and any questions related to the course materials in our Permaculture Study Group in the forums. 

Where do I give feedback and/or provide a testimonial about these resources?


Where do I report a broken link or technical issue?


I have a feature request or suggestion for improvements. Where do I send it?

Fill out this form here.

I am not getting emails and/or notifications. What can I do?

Unfortunately we have no control over email and notification delivery. Your best bet is to make sure you are subscribed to our newsletters, here. And, for the forum notifications, you can adjust your settings here.

I can’t login/the system isn’t recognizing my email. 

There was probably a typo when you enrolled. Please sign up again. If you forgot your password you can request a reset on the login form.

I signed up for a course but my course login doesn’t work in the forum. 

That’s because they are two separate accounts. Please sign up also for the forum. You can use the same email and password or a different one—it doesn’t matter. 

FYI, when you join the forums, an account is automatically created for you on the course platform—-but it doesn’t work the opposite way. If you signed up for a course before joining the forums then you will also need to create a forums account. Sorry for the inconvenience, we are working to make this more seamless.

When will the courses/forums/websites be available in my language?

We do not have any plans to translate these materials. Please use Google Translate. Here are some instructions for how to enable it on your browser.

I want to copy this content and use it for my own program. How can I get permission?

We are unable to give these types of permissions. Please ask your community to sign up for our course and access the materials that way.

How do I book a meeting/interview/consultation with Heather Jo Flores?

Heather does not offer 1:1 support or private consultations, and she does not do interviews. If you are a reporter just looking for a quick quote, then you can contact Heather here.

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